Replay is a company that fundametally does digital communication whether TV, DVD, CD, WEB, or games. 

Replay started out as a company that developed Internet starter-kit CDs and magazine cover disks. It then developed into a service that included printed, replicated and designed CDs, CD envelopes, DVDs, and jewel cases for various industry players and independents. 

The possibility of magazines providing their readership with CDs (CD ROMs and music CDs) got many a publishing house interested in the concepts Replay had on offer, and soon found themselves able to offer their clientele a whole new world of information, entertainment and technology through including CDs in their print publications Replay has just installed new DVD and video encoding facilities in Johannesburg and is involved in converting Betacam/DV/DIGIBETA taped content onto DVDs. Replay now has the ability to receive a Betacam tape from which the required quantity of DVDs can be delivered. 

Replay thus offers a complete pre-mastering solution for preparing, encoding, authoring, and formatting content for DVD. We are able to encode MPEG video, prepare and encode audio, provide DVD title authoring and formatting as well as final DVD disc image emulation at cost-effective rates. 

Replay has comprehensive in-house video quality production facilities. Using impressive technology, our production team is able to create media for a wide range of advertising needs. Much of the media produced is focused on strategic digital communications - these include commercials at broadcast quality, DVD, corporate video material and below-the-line media such as multimedia CD-Rom and website creation. Taking this one step further and combining Replay's new technology, it is now possible for the company to do a shoot, edit it, encode it, and deliver the content on DVD or tape.