• Maximize uptime, visibility and ease of deployment

  • Replay kiosks are totally self contained, high powered systems perfectly suited to display self service applications in almost any environment.

  • The reliability, customizability, and ruggedness of these systems make them ideal for a wide range of retail applications.

  • Replay interactive systems are designed to withstand the rigors of unattended installations and can be counted on for hassle free, uninterrupted use.

We are Replay, a Display Intelligent Technology.

focusing on importing & distribution of touchscreen display products.


CounterTop, Wall Mounted and Freestanding Kiosk Systems for Self Service.

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Protected and Secure Large Format Displays with Touch Screens and Media Player.

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End to End Solutions with Hardware, Software and Remote Management Tools

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Go Outside with Confidence. High Impact, Low Cost, Reliable, and Durable.

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